25 Pounds of Tasty Cereal

What does 25 pounds look like? Well, in Cereal terms it piles up pretty high.

Imagine…each morning I wake up with the equivalent of 33 boxes of cereal attached to my body somewhere.



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4 responses to “25 Pounds of Tasty Cereal

  1. Heather B

    Quite amusing! However (and why) did you come up with those calculations, and that pyramid, and permission to do it in a grocery store? What a hoot!

    Heather “I’ll Never Give Up Cereal” Barnes

  2. Corey

    I won’t give up my cereal either! I just can’t do 33 boxes (they were all 12 oz boxes… 12oz x 33 = 396oz = 24.75 pounds).

    Let me tell you, when you start thinking about how much something weighs…all kinds of weird ideas start popping into your head.

    Oh, and I didn’t get permission from the grocery store. It’s my version of living on the edge.

  3. Gail

    Hey Corey. Count me in! I’ll help you buddy. Just send me all the cookies and chips from your house. I’m surprised you didn’t get arrested doing this! Maybe you should try harder – I hear the food in jail is just terrible! Your buddy Gail from http://www.TravelWows.com

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