Mis-Measuring Success

I need tinier dishes! I’ve been doling out food in the “suggested serving size” rations, and, yikes, that’s a bit of a shocker. I can’t remember the last time I only ate four crackers or 2 oz of pasta.

But things really took a turn when I measured out my morning cereal. After the popularity of my 25 Pounds of Cereal video, I felt a special bond with this morning’s bowl. I grabbed my new, collapsible measuring cup and scooped up a serving of breakfast.

The flakes barely covered the bottom of the bowl. “Ugh, this is gonna be harder than I thought.” There was hardly anything there; it was downright depressing. A few drops of milk were all it took to wet the cereal. In about four spoonfuls, my breakfast was gone.

I continued my morning ritual…but the minuscule size of breakfast kept rolling in my head. I went back to measuring cup, convinced it was lying to me. The inspection turned up an confirmed that I used the one cup scoop, but I just kept looking at it…then comparing it to the half-cup. They were different shapes, but the one-cupper didn’t appear to hold much more than the half-cupper.

The scene bothered me so much I filled the half-cup with water and poured it into the one-cup. A-hah! They DID hold the same amount. “What kind of idiot designed these things?” I howled toward the fridge.

It was right at my moment of triumph when I realized the one-cup looked a little different along the rim. A closer review and a light push on the silicone and I realized I hadn’t fully expanded the collapsible measuring cup.

I WAS ONLY GIVING MYSELF HALF A PORTION. Heck, when the actual portion seems a bit sparse, a half-portion seems downright microscopic.

After the discovery, I immediately fixed myself another bowl and enjoyed a double-round of breakfast. It tasted much better the second time around


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2 responses to “Mis-Measuring Success

  1. dujoducom

    Ah, I’m glad there was a somewhat happy ending to that story. I remember the first time I actually tried to use 1 cup of cereal, and was shocked to find out that I normally ate closer to 2 or 2 and 1/2 cups! Out of curiosity, what type of cereal are we talking about here?

  2. Corey

    It’s Special K Red Berries. I find it very tasty. I notice there is a generic version too…I’ll have to try that one and compare.

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