Half A Cookie

It’s a tradition at our Thursday lunch meeting to top the meal off with a cookie. A sumptuous cookie with chunks of tasty bits of chocolate and nuts and other fattening bits. MMMMMM.

But I had to ask myself, “How does that Help Me Lose 25 Pounds.” After some thought, I decided this isn’t about denying myself, it’s about bettering myself.

So, I enjoyed Half a delicious cookie. That’s HALF the cookie calories I would have normally consumed. That is an achievement, not a failure.


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4 responses to “Half A Cookie

  1. Diane

    Your other half of that cookie was de-lic-ious! So, willpower is apparently also about being a good pal!

    Thanks pal.

  2. Corey

    After whooping my butt in push ups, you deserved the other half of the cookie. Plus, I’m hoping it’ll slow you down when we do our next challenge.

  3. Kristen

    Um, I have a question: Does this whole lifestyle change weight loss mission of yours mean you will no longer be standing guard with me at the food tables at family gatherings? It’s gonna be lonely by the cheese platter and dessert trays with out you… sniff.

  4. Corey

    Kristen – I think we can still hang out at the food table…let’s just make sure there’s lotsa celery to nosh on.

    Plus, I have a new fun activity for those very moments, “Let’s count the fat content.” It’s very effective.

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