Going to Bed Hungry

I’m a sucker for the evening munchies. I love the light of the fridge shining on me in the dark kitchen. I get great enjoyment rooting around the cabinets in search some small snack. There must be some kind of primal desire to forage for food after dark.

But the nighttime snacks are a problem…I’m not usually hungry, but I almost always eat. Those handfuls of pretzels combined with half-an-apples and then more pretzels and then a spoonful of pudding and then…well, there’s probably enough calories there to count as a meal.

I’ve been diligent about asking myself if I’m hungry before putting food in my mouth. Last night, I was hungry…very hungry. It was the first time this week falling into the “very hungry” category. I think my week of light meals and simple snacks must have caught up with me.

It took everything I had not to just start grazing the cupboards and fridge. Instead I ate a handful of dry cereal and left the kitchen. An hour later, I was in bed…feeling a “little hungry,” but nothing major. This morning, I didn’t feel any different than other mornings.

Last night, I fought off the munchies and won!


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