My Video Has Been Stolen

So I’m perusing YoutTube and come across a video with MY PICTURE on it…and it’s from some user in India. Hmmmm, very interesting.

I click.

It’s an ad for a website claiming to get rid of love handles.

Then, the text fades and the video of me stacking cereal boxes appears.

What the…

They completely ripped off my content…and they didn’t even get creative!

I went to the site they (or is it now ME) were advertising. Of course there is no way to contact the site owner…just a way to buy their e-book for $50. Why the heck would they choose my video…did they spot my love handles šŸ˜‰

A little poking around and there are several other YouTube videos sporting my “25 Pounds of Tasty Cereal” title…and they’re all selling stuff…and the one featuring a woman working out is, well, very weird…bordering on perverse.

I guess they’re banking on that video going viral or something. I just wish they showed some element of creativity in their approach…I could at least appreciate that. Instead, they appear to be done by evil computer programs that probably snooped through my tags.

Although some would say plagiarism is supposed to be a compliment, I don’t know how I feel about my IDEA and MY IMAGE being stolen and used to sell some questionable book.

Anyway, I lodged a complaint with YouTube.



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5 responses to “My Video Has Been Stolen

  1. wow… this is so… crazy. I guess that’s what happens when the contents (your original video) are good:)

  2. Kristen

    How bizarre. I guess you should take it as a compliment… in an obnoxious, people are a-holes kind of way… it’s just because you’re genius.

  3. dujoducom

    The woman working out video is truly bizarre.

  4. Susan

    Can you put some sort of claim on your site that all contents belong to you and cannot be used or reproduced without permission?

    I think they suck for stealing your video.

  5. Corey

    I’m all for Creative Commons-style sharing, but I don’t think anything I put on my content would stop people like this. At least they didn’t strip out my web address…even if they did put theirs on the front end.

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