YouTube Has Removed the Offending Video

I just checked in on those creeps who used my video to sell love handle remedies. YouTube has removed the offending videos. Hat’s off to them for acting quickly.

I’m still very curious about how they zeroed in on my video post…and if they actually sell crap by doing that. Who knows.

Now I must finish Week 1/Day 2 of the Push Up Challenge. It’s an interesting program… the training involves doing intervals of push ups, but not actually trying to hit a hundred until the end of the 6th week.

Here I go…


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3 responses to “YouTube Has Removed the Offending Video

  1. digitalblue2u

    I suppose they simply did a search for “video” here like I did.
    Wish you luck in your push ups!

  2. Jeanette Zalba

    What about 25 lbs of kittens!

    Great job to both you and Netta! Keep up the good work. Sugar free Breyers Ice Cream isn’t too bad and 1 point for 1/2 cup (great as a float with diet soda). Is this too literal?

  3. Corey

    I’m working on kittens and puppies…I don’t have either, so I’ve got to “borrow.” Do you think I can ambush a pet store?

    I could go for a float right now.

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