The Famous Walking Taco

Walking Taco, originally uploaded by helpmelose25.

I won’t lie. I ate the whole walking taco. It is, afterall, famous. I first heard about the split-side bag of Fritos topped with taco meat, cheese and salsa on the Hometown Tales podcast and have been curios ever since.

Now, before any of you reprimand me, do note that I did stick to my “are you hungry?” rule, so I didn’t overdo it…just enjoyed one calorie-laden food. Plus, I spotted the cheese curd stand AND the Kettle Corn and did not indulge in them.

I did try washing it down with a decadent cream puff (walking tacos = walking taco burps that can only be allieviated with treats). I guess I was fortunate the puff was filled with yucky cool whip. I ended up tossing most of it away. Was that my punishment for munching on high-cal food?



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2 responses to “The Famous Walking Taco

  1. Diane

    This might be one of my favorite images…well, ever! I like it so much, 16 identical Corey’s now grace my desktop, each wide-eyed and stuffing their very own Famous Walking Tacos into their happy place!

  2. Corey

    16 Coreys. WOW. I’m honored.

    Must say the first two bites of the Walking Taco were great…then it goes downhill from there.

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