Please Step Away From the Buffet

While in Wisconsin Dells working the craft fair, Liam and I pulled our RV in to the Casino…the Walmart there just wasn’t cutting it for us. There, we learned a little trick. If you sell your soul to the devil and sign up for their Club Card, you get $10 of free play on the slots, discounts at the gas station and cash off on the all-you-can-eat buffet.

We lost our $10 credit in the slots within ten minutes, and we succumbed to the buffet. I managed to keep my one-portion rule on the first trip, but trip two and the dessert table did me in. I ate about 2/3 of what I normally would have ate, but that was still too much.

There were a few choices on the healthier side…salad, pork chops without lots of mysterious sauces, chicken breast, fish…AND to maximize my sampling, I cut the portions they were offering in half. Well, except for the pork chop which was mighty tasty.

The mmm-mmm-good baked apple was half healthy and half a sugary, spiced sauce wrapped in a buttery crust. I need to find a lower calorie version of that treat for the fall…anyone have suggestions?

I went to bed feeling a bit stuffed and even this morning my stomach is still churning the batch of less-than-healthy foods from the weekend. That tummy ache is making it easy not to eat too much today.



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2 responses to “Please Step Away From the Buffet

  1. Kat

    Try baking a cored or sliced apple in the oven with some of that no-cal butter spray topped with a bit of granola.

  2. Corey

    Mmmmmm – sounds delicious. Would be good with a bit of oatmeal too.

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