Down Another 3.5

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Well, even with the Walking Taco in my diet, I managed to shed 3.5 pounds this week. What a great feeling! That brings my two-week total to 8 pounds!

That seems like a lot, but the truth is, I’ve only cut out the evil snacks I’ve come to looooooove, and reduce my portion sizes. My biggest weakness was ICE CREAM…I was eating two pints per week…and it was the really tasty, fatty, fancy stuff. That means I’m also saving $8 a week too.

Hats off to my mom…who took off a whopping 4.5 pounds this week. Go mom!

I hope everyone else is eating right, getting some exercise and feeling healthier.



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2 responses to “Down Another 3.5

  1. Dawn

    Nice! =) I just ‘tuned’ in a few days ago. I’ve been enjoying your blog a lot.

    I think 2-4 lbs. a week is the amount most doctors recommend as healthy, so that’s good progress, especially if you don’t feel like you’ve done anything. Cutting portion sizes tends to be yield quick results in the two months. Just make sure you take vitamins. =)

    One thing to watch out for, which is a problem I always have, is when you start to build more exercise into your routine and raise the rate of your metabolism. All of a sudden you’re hungrier, and you can eat more without gaining weight, but if you’re not careful you’ll just end up maintaining your weight instead of losing more. That’s usually when you have to start really counting calories, and using all those shiny calculators on the web.

    Anyway, thanks for all your work. Sometimes just having someone else out there to keep you focused is all it takes, I think.

  2. Corey

    Thanks Dawn. I have been forgetting to take my vitamins. Thanks for the reminder…they’re right there in the cupboard.

    I appreciate your support, and I’m glad you’re also focusing on getting healthy too. It feels good to be doing something about this rather than talking about doing something! And it’s even better to feel the results…my pants don’t feel so tight.

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