Showdown with a Cowboy

Showdown with a Cowboy, originally uploaded by helpmelose25.

It wasn’t even high noon when the Cowboy Cookie started taunting me yesterday. I was on a work-related run to Alterra Coffee when I double-backed the horses at the bakery counter. There were oh-so-many delicious treats, and the tastiest of them all…the Cowboy Cookie.

In the past, I often had a Cowboy Cookie as an alternative to breakfast, and had I not eaten a healthy breakfast earlier, I certainly would have been tempted by the cookie and its butter-chocolate chunk-multinut-oatmeal-coconut yum-yums. Doggone, those are good.

I’m pleased to report that I walked out of there with no extra calories entering my body. This morning I need to catch up on my 100 push ups challenge. With the show this weekend, I’ve gotten behind!


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One response to “Showdown with a Cowboy

  1. Kat

    OMG, I know what you mean, those cookies are my absolute fav, too – just looking at that photo makes salivate! šŸ˜› An extra kudos to you for avoiding the tempting treat. You’re on a roll, Corey – keep it going…!! šŸ™‚

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