Standoff Ends in a Draw

Ever since I spotted that cowboy cookie yesterday, it’s been on my mind. There is some kind of satisfaction that only a rich, chewy cowboy cookie can satisfy. So, today my lunchmate was making a stop at Alterra Coffee, and I picked one up.

But I had a strategy. First, I offered more than half of it to my co-workers…which they gladly accepted. Second, I waited a while after lunch to eat my portion…delayed satisfaction.

Must confess, the cookie was cooked about a moment too long, so it was crispier on the edges than what I consider ideal. That said, it was still wonderful!

And now that the cookie is gone, my urges are gone and I feel very satisfied.

One thing I’ve noticed this week…I think and talk about food a lot more. Which I’m taking as a good thing…because before, I just ate it up without thinking.

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