Rules of Engagement at the Buffet

Really good buffets and smart eating, just don’t seem to go together. Today, my friend Dustin and I rode our bikes to the best Indian buffet in town (Maharaja). I was very careful to not “over do it.” In fact, I’d say I only ate half of what I used to eat when I’d go there.

However, I still walked out feeling stuffed…a feeling I haven’t had that often in the last three weeks. And when I tapped in the estimated calories for the meal…OUCH…2201! More than my daily allowance. It was the coconut soup, chai tea and fried veggies with their “hidden” calories.

Even though I failed on controlling my caloric intake for the meal, I still have some notes on how I managed to cut my buffet intake in half:

• Don’t overload on the first trip…it’ll still be there when you come back
• Don’t try to sample everything in one round…focus on two or three items
• Pay attention to your plate — not the endless options of the buffet
• If you must go back for some wonderful treat, only take ONE MOUTHFUL, instead of another whole serving
• Take a break between trips
• Plan for dessert and make sure you save room for it
• Be gentle with the fried food and creamy sauces
• Stick to the fresh, “naked” foods (those without a lot of fixins)
• Drink lotsa water
• Park ten blocks away, so at least you burn a few calories going in and out

There you have it, 10 tidbits of advice that I really should have heeded today.



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3 responses to “Rules of Engagement at the Buffet

  1. Susan

    Hey! I used to know a great guy named Dustin who rode his bike. I miss him. I hope he’s doing SWELL!

  2. Corey

    Shivver me timbers, I’d say it’s the same guy…and he is doing swell, aargh.

    What can I say, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day.

  3. dujoducom (Dustin)

    It is extremely difficult for me to eat normal portions at buffets, especially Indian buffets (Indian food is definitely my favorite type of food). I went in with the intention of not over eating, but I have to admit that I failed miserably. They had 3 of my favorite Indian entrees: Tikka Masala, Malai Kofta, and some sort of Lamb Curry. It’s also impossible to resist the freshly made naan, and you need to eat the above with rice which are both really filling by themselves. Couple that with some great vegetable dishes and desserts and it’s almost impossible not to gorge yourself. I love the coconut soup but avoided it because I knew I would take a huge calorie hit from the coconut milk, not that it ended up mattering because I totally blew my quota anyway.

    Next time I think I’m just going to try your method, 1 appetizer type plate, one entree plate, and then dessert.

    Susan- I’m doing well! I found your blog on your twitter page and I paged through it for the first time. I didn’t realize you were such a cook/baker, it all looks delicious (not to be confused with

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