Swedish Pancakes

My friend Kate was cheery as a sunflower when we rendezvous’d at a pancake joint for breakie. She’s been following this blog…BUT SHE HASN’T LEFT A COMMENT YET…we’re expecting a few words from you, Kate.

Looking over the menu, a healthy food purist probably would have been required to go for the whole-wheaters, but come on, a complete menu of breakfast delights…I can’t pick the wall flower of the group.

Instead, I opted for the Swedish pancakes. They’re more like a crepe, so more eggy, less fluffy, and I’m guessing they have more protein and other things eggs are known for. Plus, I love the tart lingonberry sauce. MMMMMMMM.

In the end, an excellent choice. Plus, having breakfast with Kate is always a pleasure…especially because we’re good a mixing business with leisure and talking about food is always on the agenda.
Are you reading along, but not leaving a comment? Come on, leave us a few words. Your email won’t be shared with anyone…but your comment will be here for all to enjoy.

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One response to “Swedish Pancakes

  1. Liam

    Swedish Pancakes….I see you are following my diet……They are really good with butter…..I mean light on the butter…..but still really good……It’s all about portion control…..Ugh!

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