Craving Dessert

Even a tiny dessert can be decadent if you savor it.

Oh, and don’t for get to click the CONFESSIONAL link above and share your goals.



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5 responses to “Craving Dessert

  1. Susan

    You crack me up. You have to start a “bloopers” area.

    Weight Watchers Lemon Cake – you can’t convince me.

  2. Netta

    I like the idea of a “bloopers” area. You are so human/normal. We all have had our doubts of what an actual serving is. Somehow it just doesn’t seem to be enough…or fair. I think I’ll go out and purchase one of every flavor and savor. mom

  3. Corey

    Don’t you guys see me make a fool of myself enough? Won’t a bloopers reel just be redundant?

    Must admit, the lemon cake is fine. Not a must-have, share the recipe with my friends kind of thing. But it definitely gives a hit of sugar. I don’t think it’s much of a low-cal treat…just a tiny portion.

    Hey Susan – too bad for that bloopers area we don’t have a clip of me talking with the DW security guard…Um, really, we’re supposed to be here. We’re here for a computer. I’m not guilty of anything, really.

  4. Kim

    You are really turning my mind around here, Corey. It is a glass half full/empty mind alteration. ‘Find What You Love. Love What You Find’. Perspective! Excellent video. Do I have an official capacity in Helping You Lose 25 lbs.? Do I need to come down there like Harvey on Celebrity Fit Club and rattle some skulls? šŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!


  5. Corey

    Kim – I hate it…I love it…I hate it…I love it. I gotta make lemonade with what I’ve got, right. And although those WW snacks can’t compete with truly luscious desserts…they do hold me over until I treat myself.

    Just having your comment does the job…but down the road, I may need some skull-rattlin’

    Must admit…of those Weight Watchers cakes, chocolate comes in tops, Lemon second and carrot cake dead last. My biggest reaction…they’re very sweet. I’d rather have more delicious chocolately, lemony, carroty flavor…okay, maybe I could skip the carrots.


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