25 Pounds Is REALLY Heavy

This weekend I was filming some video for Help Me Lose. The effort required me to carry 25 pounds of a particular item (I won’t reveal what it was just yet).

No biggie, I’ve handled 25 pounds of cereal and throw pillows with ease, but this was the first time I had to carry 25 pounds and actually DO SOMETHING.

Oh boy, it was a struggle. I was sweating and uncomfortable and my back was even sore. This was quite an eye-opener. Think about it, THIS IS HOW MUCH EXTRA WEIGHT I’ve been carrying around.

Just try it yourself. Gather up something that weighs about the same amount of the extra weight you’re carrying. Then try hauling that around for 20 minutes. Walk around; try some stairs; you’ll be amazed at how much work it is. And that’s how much harder your body has to work to move YOU.

With all that extra effort, you’d think it would keep you super fit, right? I guess that’s not how it works.

While I was at a warehouse store, I hauled around 25 pounds of sugar (this wasn’t for the video). Oh boy, that sugar is heavy.


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3 responses to “25 Pounds Is REALLY Heavy

  1. Netta

    Yes, 25# is not an easy bag to carry. I also like when you take 25# of butter and pull that around in a wagon. Heavy.
    I lost 1.8# this week. We ate out 5 meals, I only got to walk the dog 2 times. So I am pretty happy with this result. I can’t wait to see less of YOU. love, mom

  2. Judy Duncan- Monday

    Netta, your son looks so much like you – thanks for the addy!

  3. Corey

    Judy – I’m just glad mom and I will resemble each other as thin folks rather than fatties šŸ™‚ She lost 1.5 pounds this week too!

    We’re all in this together…be it as weight losers or cheerleaders. Every bit of support helps!

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