You’re Invited

We’re hosting a little get-together tonight, and we stopped at a store to pick up a few napkins…that’s them above. Had to laugh when the cheery employees asked, “Are you finding everything alright?”

“Napkins. We need napkins.” I thought it was a pretty simple answer.

She very seriously looked us both in the eye and asked, “Do you have a theme?”

I’m obviously not a party planner because it was the funniest-sounding statement of the day. What made it more silly was that I almost felt like I needed to quick think up a theme. Fortunately, Liam filled in…”Cheap.”

“I have just the thing,” she chirped back and led us to the special “seasonal” aisle.

My Help Me Lose readers are welcome to come to our little wine and cheese event. Here’s the story…

Our friend Liza is cashing in a favor Liam and I owe her. So, TONIGHT (Sept 24) we’ll have wine and snacks for everyone who stops in. The evening promises to be a fun, casual time.

Our condo is Shard Jewelry Central right now, so special thanks to our buddy John McGivern for lending us his place for the event.

Corey & Liam’s Get-Together
Wednesday, Sept 24, 6pm
The Knickerbocker on the Lake (You’ll have to email me for more specific instructions HelpMeLose25 [at]gmail [dot]com)

Full disclosure time…Liza will be spreading the joy of Arbonne health and beauty products that evening, but PLEASE don’t let that discourage you. No one is obligated to buy anything. Plus, she’s so much fun, it won’t be a dry, painful experience, so just stop by for the food, drink and free stuff.


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