Good Eats On the Love Boat

The other day Liza told me the story of a friend who was on a cruise made up of Japanese tourists. For the most part, a cruise is a cruise is a cruise, right? Well, taking advantage of a tour of the ship, this friend learned of one significant difference.

The tour guide and her Japanese translator took the group through the various parts of the ship. Near the main dining room, the guide pointed out a separate room; she opened the door and it was filled to the brim with food for the trip. As expected, the eyes of the group widened at the sight of a enormous stockade filled to the brim with wonderful food. The guide then walked them to the room next door. It was empty, but clearly identical to the previous room. “And this is the other food room…we need to fill that when we have American tours.”

Yup, this cruise line has to have twice as much food for an American group as it does for a Japanese group. This really doesn’t surprise me…even in my own travels to other countries, the concept of giant portions and appetizers…full meals…mounds of dessert was much less the norm (however, that seems to be changing).

Overeating has slowly been built into our culture. A 1,500 calorie meal has become normal. Grab and go foods forgo any attempt to retain the healthy attributes of the foods they replace. No one thinks twice about dipping a battered and fried piece of onion into a vat of full-fat Ranch dressing. It’s normal.

NO! It’s not normal. Eating until your stuffed is NOT normal. A brick of cheesecake is NOT normal. NO. NO. NO. Especially since we’re starting to eat these things without thinking…because we’re starting to believe it’s normal.

I’m breaking this type of thinking in my own habits. I hope you’re all doing the same.

Wanna see what I mean? Check out some of the worst restaurant foods out there….

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