Will Tomorrow Begin With a Happy Dance?

Big weigh-in tomorrow. Will I continue my losing ways and cross the ten pound mark??? Oh, I hope so.

It’s a weird feeling because for the last three weigh-ins I’ve been very confident before stepping on the scale. This week, I’ve been keeping my portions down and having little trouble keeping to 2,000 calories a day…which my friend Liza says is a clear sign I’m NOT a professional overweight person šŸ™‚ However, it’s hard for me to tell if I’ll come in under the 194 mark.

I must say that weighing in once a week does help me stay focused…and keeps the goals manageable. Trying to lose 2 pounds is a lot easier to handle than losing all 25 pounds.

Here’s a promise if I can shed my tenth pound this week…I’ll do a 10 Pound Happy Dance, and everyone is invited to join in…because we all have sooooomething to be happy about.



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4 responses to “Will Tomorrow Begin With a Happy Dance?

  1. Netta

    Monday night is my weigh in day. I lost .8# but that is ok. We had 3 nights in a row of eating out so that tells me I can cut back during the other meals and still enjoy. We had a huge function on Saturday night, you know one of those $64.00 a person. It included 2 per person drinks tickets. Well you know how easy it is to feel , well it’s free so indulge. You know how much I drink well I used them up and traded a center piece for 2 more tickets. Oh those darn kaulua/cream were the best. It was a blast! And the best part no hangover. You Dad would not share his tickets so a girl has to do what she has to do. Life is good. love, later,mom

  2. Corey

    Mom? You were drinking Kahlua & Cream??? My, oh my, you were indulging. Glad to hear you still lost a bit.

  3. Liam

    Oh…..am I looking forward to the happy dance…..I might even join you……;)


  4. Dawn

    Good luck! I’ve lost 3 so far, not bad for two weeks. I’ll be rootin’ for you!

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