Picture of Poor Health

Wow, festivals are notorious for deadly food items. And working with Liam at these craft and art shows has exposed me to a lot of them. Here at Cranberry Fest in Eagle River, WI, the fried food vendors are out in full force.

Fortunately, I managed to go to the tent where they had an array of cranberry themed foods. On the suggestion of the concession worker I picked the cranberry meatball sandwich. A pretty good choice…meatballs with a cranberry-onion chutney…and I only ate half the bun, so that improved my caloric intake.

Must admit, I’m tempted by the cranberry popcorn. Popcorn is healthy, right?


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3 responses to “Picture of Poor Health

  1. Dawn

    Popcorn is a favorite snack of mine. If you cook it at home, air popped or oil popped it’s not too bad. 30/70 calories a cup. Microwave popcorn tends to have more calories but it’s still a relatively low calorie snack, compared to things like chips or cookies or whatever.

    Soooo if they’re popping it at the festival, which I hope they would be, watch what they put into it and see if you can afford those calories. =)

    Good luck! And thanks for sticking with the blog!

  2. Aww, I thought there was going to be a real picture of something incredibly unhealthy.

  3. Corey

    Dawn – the popcorn was a big letdown. It was sweetened and flavored with some hint of cranberry. I had two handfuls and tossed it…not worth it.

    Dujoducom – Oops the photo didn’t stay put. Unfortunately, it’s not as outrageous as you may have hoped.

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