Happy Dance the Video

Okay, many of you have asked to SEE me doing my happy dance. Well, here you go…and thank you very much to my special Happy Dance guest…

Want more of Richard Simmons and lots of other bits of healthy inspiration? Visit www.richardsimmons.com.


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6 responses to “Happy Dance the Video

  1. Kristen

    I am speechless at that fabulosity of your happy dance!! And I am going in search of that site to figure out how to make my own.

  2. Stacey :)

    Just wanted to let my brothers know I recently lost 170 lbs!!! My hubby is at deer camp…so let Mr. Simmons know that I am available!

  3. Corey

    Stacey – Does that mean you weigh about zero now? Richard and I had a great time making the video…boy, can he dance!

  4. Corey

    Some of the comments this video received from the Facebook group:

    OMG, I’m STILL laughing! It’ll be hard to top that one once you reach 25! – KAT

    This video just freaked my four year old out! You should have seen his face! Congrats on the 10, Corey! – CHRISTINA

    Thanks for a much-needed smile this morning. Congrats to you! – DARREN

    Hey, maybe you could turn this into a hot exercise class with folks learning the whole routine, then maybe have one of those Guiness World Record events and get the most people in the world doing the dance…sorry too much coffee already this morning. – KATE

    Still similing and congrats!

    I’ll join you for the next ten.

  5. CJ

    Hey Corey,

    I’m just catching up on your site…I was in Wausau last week (whooo-hoooo!) I showed your happy dance to Grandbarry and Russ…Russ noticed that you were drooling on Richard Simmons! Grandbarry wants you to teach us your moves at Liam’s Show – Dec 4 at the Knickerbocker (ok, a shameless plug!)…congrats on the 12.5!!!!, love, CJ

  6. Sierra

    I loved that! you are too creative for me – you disco dynamo!

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