May I Have Some Pie, Please

I’m really craving something sweet this evening, but tomorrow is weigh-in Wednesday (I know, I know, it’s only Tuesday, but you regulars know the story). Instead of a treat, I thought I’d reminisce about sweets.

I was visiting my friend Jeanette, and one evening we decided to go to an old restaurant for dessert. It was one of those places with a counter and booths… no tables. It also happened to have a mighty collection of pies; unfortunately, it didn’t have one of those rotating pie carousels.

Raspberry pie made the list…which surprised me. You don’t often see it in restaurants. I asked the waitress, “Do you really have raspberry pie?

“Uh-huh,” the high schooler replied.

“I’ll have that.”

Jeanette ordered strawberry shortcake.

When the waitress returned with our order, she presented me with the saddest piece of crust I had ever seen. Only a hint of red filling was visible inside the slice.

This didn’t look like it would be a very memorable slice. I poked it with my fork and tried to get a decent crust-to-filling ratio…which seemed impossible with this berry-deficient recipe.

I took my first taste. Sweet, but not what I expected. It didn’t taste like raspberry. I forked a just-filling swipe and smacked that between my lips. Cherry. It tasted like cherry. Not trusting my tastebuds, I pointed the pie to Jeanette, and she had a taste and referred to it as a mystery filling.

The waitress checked in with us, and I asked, “Are you sure this is raspberry pie? It doesn’t taste like it.”

She looked a bit confused, “Uh, let me check.” She then disappeared behind the swinging kitchen doors. Before the doors finished rocking she returned, “Yeah, that was the last piece of raspberry.”

“Oh,” I said, kind of hoping she’d offer to let me choose something else. After she left, I unhinged the top crust and found a definite clue…a cherry. I’m not a fan of cherry pie to begin with, and a bad cherry pie is even worse. I called the waitress back over and showed her the evidence.

“Oh, there must have been a mistake. Would you like something else?”

“Yes.” I looked over the pie list posted on the table tent. Deciding to stay away from the fruit pies, I went for a safe bet. “Coconut cream, please.”

“No problem, one slice of coconut pie coming up,” she said showing a bit more interest…not much though.

A few moments later, she reappeared with a giant smile on her face…as if she was trying to make up for the earlier disappointment. “Here it is. A nice, big slice of pecan pie.” She presented it as if it was a royal gift

Okay…how does pecan get confused with coconut cream? They’re both nuts…as was this server???

Thinking the words pecan pie somehow came out of my mouth, I looked across the table to Jeanette. It took a second for her gasp reflex to release before she said it for me, “He asked for coconut cream.”

“That’s what I told them in the back, but they told me you wanted pecan,” she explained. It was the weirdest excuse I had ever heard.

“I can get you coconut cream if you want, but I’m not sure we have any left.”

“No!” I said almost too quickly. The pecan pie looked pretty good, and heaven knows what she would come out with next. “This will be fine. Pecan would have been my next choice,” I lied.

“Okay,” she smiled and walked away as if I was just another “satisfied” customer.

As soon as the server was five steps away, Jeanette and I burst into a fit of giggles. How often does one get to partake in such a comedy of errors?



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2 responses to “May I Have Some Pie, Please

  1. Liam

    I love this story…

  2. mom

    Oh, my what a disappointment. I know how much you like raspberry pie. Then Cocconut Cream, are you sure you weren’t in Hell’s Kitchen? I can just hear you and Jeanette cracking up!!!!

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