Out of Control

Deep Fried Green Beans, originally uploaded by helpmelose25.

I thought I’d do pretty well on my eating this weekend. I THOUGHT I had these on-the-road weekends figured out.
You see, Liam and I are usually on our own at these shows, and we’ve developed a bit of a system that keeps us from tossing aside our discipline and going for the “aw, one day can’t hurt ya.” We’re supposed to have this down.
Well, this weekend, we were doing a regular craft show, but we were also spending the evenings at a campground with a group of friends. Things started out okay. After setting up for the show, we arrived at the site and enjoyed a few hors d’oeuvres. I was still a bit hungry, but didn’t really need to eat more. Then the rest of the crew said, “Well, let’s head out for dinner.” Uh-oh.
We ended up at one of those Greek family owned restaurants. The ones with multiple-paged menus and all the meals include salad AND soup AND entree AND dessert…and the portions are ENORMOUS. I kept my cool and only had a few of the deep fried green beans with wasabi dressing. I’ll be honest, they were tasty enough, but it was easy for me to say no to them.
When the waitress came around, I ordered healthy…chicken breast with cottage cheese and a whole lotta fresh fruit…like enough fresh fruit to wear on my head and finish off a Carmen Miranda costume for Halloween. I ate it all and went to bed stuffed.
I had some self-control throughout Saturday, but that evening, it was hors d’oeuvre heaven. I did NOT show any self-restraint. I just kept eating and eating. Rumaki, crackers and cream cheese spread, chips, hummus, salsa. We’ve got friends who take camping to an entirely different level.
Then it was time for a hearty dinner. Then s’mores. It was really quite decadent. I went to bed even more stuffed than the night before. And this morning started with homemade breakfast burritos, bloody Mary’s (I don’t like those, so I just ate the salad bar fixin’s that came in the glass), and it was all finished off with cheesecake.
Oh, and after pumpkin carving, our friend Barb had goody bags of candy for us all. I am STILL stuffed, and after two and half days of overeating, I’m not sure I’m going to be happy with this week’s weigh-in.
Time to get back on the wagon and get my healthy eating habits back.
Even during Pumpkin Carving we were eating too much…that’s when the Bloody Mary’s were being served.


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2 responses to “Out of Control

  1. mom

    The easiest thing about taking our eating habits to a new level is to quit. There are so many temptations out there and that theory that one day won’t hurt isn’t all bad. The problem is it seems to always turn into 2,3,4 days of painful gut expansions… So suck it up, don’t look back and get back on track. We are on the edge of seats waiting for the next happy dance. Please don’t disappoint us. love,mom

  2. mom

    Hey, I lost 2.4 this week. That brings my total for 8 weeks at 10.2#. Praise the Lord, I will keep on going. Like you said 10# at a time. I’m doing my happy dance in my head, my body doesn’t want to co-operate!!! Keep on helping all of us. love,mom

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