I Gained Weight – Oh No

192…a gain, originally uploaded by helpmelose25.

As suspected, I gained some this week. Ugh. I’m back up to 192, a 1.5 pound gain. That still keeps me in the 10 pound happy dance zone, but didn’t move me closer to my goal. This is especially tough because it is my first gain since I started “helpmelose.”

When I look back on all the calorie/fat-laden foods I ate this weekend, I have to admit none of them were really worth it. Well, except for maybe the S’mores…too bad I hadn’t just stuck to those.

Send me your good vibes this week. I need them.


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6 responses to “I Gained Weight – Oh No

  1. mom

    Guess what Your Human!!!! Get back on track.

  2. kat

    You gotta put last weekend’s pig-out behind you (sorry for the bad pun!) Next time temptation tries to get the best of you, dig deep down for that inner self-control I KNOW you have! You went to bed feeling so stuffed ‘cuz your belly has shrunk (that’s a GREAT thing!) and has forgotten how to process all that stuff – there’s no room! So be kind to your belly! Remember, it could’ve been worse, say, 5 lbs! You’ll get back on track!

  3. Dawn

    Gaining a little back is always a good reminder to keep with your good habits, but as one of those freaks who weighs herself every day (I can never wait a whole week so i just do it everyday and keep a log) and watches the numbers shift up and down a little every day, keep in mind that your body weight fluctuates by the hour due to fluid input/output.

    Doesn’t mean you didn’t gain weight, and shouldn’t get back on track, but it’s more than likely that not all of the 1.5 lbs is bad weight. I don’t know how much men’s body fluctuate during the month or seasons compared to women, but I know that as a woman, during my monthly event the scale will say I’ve gained weight, and won’t go down at all, despite dieting and exercise. A few days after though, I can get an accurate reading again.

    Crazy human bodies, eh? In other news, I hit my 10 pound happy mark last week =) Thanks again Corey for writing this blog! It’s a great support network and a lot of fun!

  4. corey

    Dawn! We wanna see your 10-pound Happy Dance!

    Thanks for the pep talk. I was actually relieved when I stepped on the scale and it was only 1.5 pounds. Thank goodness I’m keeping this in check now, before it turns into 5 or 10 pounds.

  5. Sierra

    Keep it up! Stay away from fried veggies, the veggie part does not cancel out the fried part!

  6. Liam

    It is a gain….but the weekend was a lot of fun…..now just get back on that horse and lose…..Remember the tempting stuff will always be out there….and yes…you will again fall….and get back up…and fall and get back up…..

    But Thanksgiving and Christmas…..that I’m really scared of……tables full of food….just looking at you begging you to try just one of the 14 different types of Chrstmas cookies….and then when you find the one you really like (you know the peanut butter ones with the chocolate kiss in the middle)…you then eat and extra 6…because you just can’t say NO!……and then it’s the pre Thanksgiving crableg buffet at the Brimley casino with your Mom and Dad…….all the crablegs you can eat……How am I going to get through it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will eat for nourishment and not for taste…..I will only dip every third leg in the butter……I will only go back to the buffet table twice……..I will survive this “Once I was alone I was petrified”…lah…lah…lah..lah…lah……I will survive!!!! Hey Hey….

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