Talking About It

Yesterday I met a woman named Renee and took a special interest in talking with her. She has lost 25 pounds so far! Cue the fanfare music; she has had great success. She definitely deserves a big Gold Star for that achievement.

She joined a Biggest Loser club at her gym which also gave her an instant support group. She seemed wonderfully methodical about talking about her efforts. It wasn’t mushy, emotional talk. It was about focus and achievement and pride and techniques. That’s one thing I’ve noticed lately…when I get away from the emotion of being unfit and overweight, it seems much more manageable.

She also gave me some assurance that my slow-and-steady method of taking of the weight was the best way to go…crash diets don’t keep the weight off. So, hat’s off to Rene and everyone else out there working toward their goal…and thanks to all the kind comments that have gone up with my most recent posts.

Oh, and hat’s off to Kat for having all healthy snacks at her gathering last night. I still ate more than I should have, but at least it wasn’t high in fat and calories!


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  1. kat

    Glad to contribute in my small way to next week’s goal!! šŸ™‚

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