Stayed the Same…Have I Hit a Plateau?

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Hopped on the scale this morning and had there was no change from last week. After steady loses in the first few weeks and a little gain last week and no change this week, I’m wondering if I’m leveling off.

I can’t use the “I’ve added more exercise” excuse, because aside from my stairs-only policy, I haven’t added any more fitness activities.

How do I break this pattern? Suggestions anyone?



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4 responses to “Stayed the Same…Have I Hit a Plateau?

  1. David

    Your body quickly adapts to diets and exercise, ie. the fat construction laborer. You need to continually shock your system and change up periodically. Change your meal frequency, have one day a week that you have that extra piece of cheesecake. Altering your workout routine is very important. I suggest a set of 15-20 lbs. dumbbells and a swiss ball. This will allow you to burn massive calories in a short amount of time, and give you the flexibility to do a wide range of exercises.

  2. Dawn

    Varying your diet helps when you hit your plateau. Make sure that you eat different things every day from all the food groups, and vary the calorie intake of those things. Maybe one day you’d eat 1800 calories, another you’d eat 1500, another 2000. (I’m not sure what your daily intake is) Like what David said, changing meal time and frequency helps. Some days you could eat three meals, the next you could eat 5 small meals. The ideas is to keep your body guessing so it can’t adapt. Same goes for exercise. If you’ve been doing stairs and push ups, try something new. Crunches and lunges? Swimming? Good luck! *hug* don’t be discouraged!

  3. mom

    Don’t give up!!! Strength training usually is an excellent change up to speed weight loss.

  4. kat

    Don’t get discouraged…remember muscle outweighs fat so even tho the scale says one thing, your body knows it’s lost inches. Plus, added bonus – muscle burns more energy than fat and keeps burning calories several hours post-exercise!

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