Free Stuff

Liam and I are hosting a giveaway over at the Irish Fireside website. You can sign up for all kinds of free stuff, just visit

Otherwise, things have been going fine. I’m not feeling very disciplined lately, and it’s starting to show on the scale. I can assure you, the lack of “losing” is not from muscle. I’m trying not to get discouraged…thanks to everyone who has offered some support.

This effort can be tough when looking at it for the long haul rather than some short-term goal.


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2 responses to “Free Stuff

  1. kat

    Hey, you’ve been doin’ great so far – don’t give up, you’re almost halfway there! šŸ™‚ If things were always easy, the word “challenge” wouldn’t exist in the dictionary! And think of how absolutely filled with pride you’ll be when you beat those evil temptations rearing their ugly head right now! For what it’s worth, I’ve been able to cut back on my diet coke habit, but still give in to one every couple days…just take it day by day, Corey, you’ll get past this!!!

  2. Liam

    Please…..Please…..Please don’t give up…..You are the reason I keep trying…..I have to admit…I’m not doing great…..but it is still on my mind and I am still trying to be very aware of everything I put in my mouth……Please….keep me wanting to loose…..

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