Slow and Steady is the Course

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Stepped on the scale and I was down a full pound this week. It’s taken three weeks, but I’ve finally made up for that 1.5 pound gain a while back. It feel so good to be back on track.

As you probably noticed, I’ve been away from Help Me Lose a bit lately. There are two reasons for that…one is that I’ve had some work-related efforts that have kept me especially busy…and two is that the giveaway we’re having over at has become a very big event. Just the correspondence alone for all the prizes has been keeping me on the move.

Thank goodness this weight loss has me feeling a bit more energized…that helps me stay productive.



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4 responses to “Slow and Steady is the Course

  1. mom

    Great job! Keep the downward trend so for our vacation we can keep each other on track. love,mom

  2. Susan

    You know what I think would motivate you? If you painted 9 of your toe nails and could eliminate the paint on ONE each week for the pounds you lose.
    Or paint ONE each week for each of the pounds you lose. Either way, colorful, fun and communicative.

    Yah…just a random idea. šŸ™‚

  3. corey

    Mom – We need to beware of the buffet!

    Susan – I like your thinking. One problem…I’ll probably just wear socks…if I’m still over goal this summer – this will be the technique to test.

    Now to decide if I’d rather add or subtract the polish. Adding polish would make it stand out more the closer I get to goal… therefore, inspiring me to just lose it. šŸ˜‰

  4. Liam

    This week was toooooooo many magarittas…..sorry don’t know how to spell that word. Tooooooo many chips also….but I went for a run and feel better………keep going Corey!!! yeah!!!!

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