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A Day for Change

A gorgeous day to vote, originally uploaded by helpmelose25.

Not only is it a great day because the weather is gorgeous and people are out voting in full force, but I also lost a 1/2 pound. It’s just a tiny bit, but at least the scale is tipping in the right direction.

Shortly after I stepped on the scale, I walked down the street to vote. It took almost an hour, but everyone was cheerful…except for the guy right in front of me. He was pretty quiet, but pounced at every chance to complain.

The mayor came by and thanked everyone for coming out. Well, this was Mr. Know-It-All’s chance to complain “In oh-four I waited in line for three hours.” “I bet in the suburbs they don’t have to wait this long.” “No one should have to wait more than 20 minutes.” The mayor was the classic “compassionate” politician, but was sure to move along quickly.

Later, he overhead an election worker talking to person who needed to register. The voter was worried the “proof of ID” he brought with him wouldn’t qualify. Mr. Know-It-All started talking about how “In oh-four there was none of this sh*t, it was so much easier.”

What? Was “oh-four” long and dragged out or was it simpler? I guess it depends on his audience.

Anyway, the funniest thing about voting was the bake sale going on in the yard. My voting site is the Charles Allis Museum, and they were selling cupcakes and cookies to raise money. I got a charge out of that. I resisted the treats.

I never was able to find out where Obama and McCain stand on the issues of weight loss…they only wanted to talk about those Joe the Plumber issues. What about the concerns of Corey the Foodie?


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