Weigh-In Wed

Like clockwork, you can count on Weigh-In Wednesday every…uh…Tuesday. What can I say, I like alliteration and I like stepping on the scale on Tuesdays. So if you want to find out where I’m at in my quest to lose 25 pounds, just check in each Tuesday for, you know, Weigh-In Wednesday.

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dec 8 2008 – After two weeks of no change, I’m finally under 190. One half-pound at a time, one half-pound at a time.

nov 11 2008 – I lost a full pound this week. This feels good. I sure hope I can get under 190 soon.

nov 4 2008 – election day weigh-in and I lost half a pound. It’s worth cheering about.

oct 28 2008 – I stayed the same.

oct 21 2008 – I gained 1.5 pounds this week. My first gain. It sucks.

oct 14 2008 – just a half-pound today. That puts me at exactly the halfway point. I hope the downward trend continues.

oct 7 2008 – 2.5 pounds and I crossed the ten pound threshhold. It feels great. Clothes are fitting better, feeling better.

sept 30 2008 – half a pound…just half a pound. I really want to do the ten-pound happy dance…I’m only a half-pound away.

sept 23 2008 – It’s just a pound and my weight is going in the right direction…DOWN. Hopefully, next week I’ll be doing the 10 pound happy dance.

sept 16 2008 – Okay, I achieved goal number one…get myself under 200 pounds. I achieved goal number two…lose another 3 pounds. Next goal…get down to 192.


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