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Why Help Me Lose 25 Pounds?

I can’t hide it any more. I’ve gained 25 pounds in four years.

That means the love handles, man-boobs and pot belly are harder and harder to conceal. And my feeble attempts to get fit have been failing at a rate of two pounds per month. Yikes! I need to make a change; otherwise, I’m on track to become a fat — but extremely charming — old man. Not the first choice in how I’d like to finish out my days.

So, it’s time to get creative. I’m putting my imagination to work and finding ways to gauge what it means to lose 25 pounds.

You’ve heard this type pledge before…many of you have even heard it from me, but I’m taking a very different course this time. I’m inviting you — my friends, family and maybe even a couple of complete strangers — to take part.

Here’s the deal. You promise to keep tabs on me, and I promise to keep you posted. It’s the internet, so that might mean words, pictures, video and who knows what else. I’m planning to have some fun with this.

Thanks for your support. I look forward to hearing from you. Wish me luck.



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25 Pounds of Vintage Popular Science Magazines

Spotted these old Popular Science mags and could resist stacking 25 pounds of them. They’re actually piled up on an old spring scale.


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25 Pounds of Milk

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Warming Those Cold Feet

Had cold feet last night…not sure I really want to make a public fuss about my 25 pounds? Woke up this morning with a new and improved idea of how to approach this. I feel much better.

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Hello World!

Okay! I’m motivated, and I’m ready to get fit! Just give me a minute to finish gorging myself of a few of my favorite foods, and I’ll be ready to start.


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