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While I Was Stacking Cereal…

…here’s what was happening on the loading dock.

Watch my grocery store adventure here…



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25 Pounds of Concrete Ladybugs

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You’ll Love These Side Effects

Losing ten pounds is a very, very good thing.

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Happy Dance the Video

Okay, many of you have asked to SEE me doing my happy dance. Well, here you go…and thank you very much to my special Happy Dance guest…

Want more of Richard Simmons and lots of other bits of healthy inspiration? Visit


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Down With Elevators…The Video


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25 Pounds of Rocks

I encourage all of you to pack 25 pounds on your back and try running. It’s unbelievable how much work your body has to do.


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Supernote & 25 Pounds of Guitar Cases

I’m not a afraid to make a complete fool of myself on the internet…okay, I’m a little afraid, but I’m working through that.

To prove I’m making progress, today I posted my YouTube Supernote. It’s like a sport, only you don’t need coordination and the only goal is to see who can “hold it the longest.”

To play, you just record yourself holding one note for as long as you can…then post the video as a response to one of the team captains on YouTube.

Of course I couldn’t post a video without it tying to 25 pounds of something, so I stuck to music and sung my supernote while stacking 25 pounds of guitar cases…Les Paul’s guitar cases for that matter (For those who might not know, he’s the guy who pretty much revolutionized popular music back in the 1950s).

Not sure the stacking or the “help me lose 25 pounds” quote will make sense to anyone outside the Help Me Lose crowd, but what the hay.

I’m on the iJustine team, so go ahead and cut loose and post to our team. Here’s where you can get more details…

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