I’m just a guy who noticed his weight creep wasn’t going to stop creeping. And after gaining 25 pounds in four years and crossing the 200 pound threshold, I knew I had to stop the trend…gaining TWO POUNDS PER MONTH would ultimately get the best of me.

On August 30, 2008, I made the commitment to rid myself of the man-boobs and belly, to eat better and to get fit. Since I had made and broke that promise before, I decided this time I needed to do something different. I had to get creative, embrace my self-consciousness and broadcast my efforts in a very public forum…online video andblogging.

I’m not entirely new to blogging and online audio/video (www.irishfireside.com), but this is the first time I’m getting personal and sharing my 400 oz/11.3 kg dilemma.

Wish me luck,

HelpMeLose25 [at]gmail [dot]com

Still not satisfied with that bio?!? Geez… My name is Corey… designer, writer and real-life motor home owner (not the scary, we-eat-squirrel-and-possum kind…our is like a condo on wheels). My life partner and I call Milwaukee home, but we love visiting our friends and family throughout the world. How’s that?

FYI – If you leave a comment on this blog or if you email me, I’ll likely share your message, but your email address WILL NOT be shared with anyone. I just require the info to prevent internet dodos from trolling and leaving weird comments.


13 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Jeanette Zalba

    Pounds of butter are probably more illustrative of what could be hanging off you. Could you smother yourself with 25 lbs of butter? Good luck with the battle and that it is!

  2. I will be happily following you on this mission:) Good luck!

  3. Bill

    My brother-in-law and I started a similar challenge yesterday. To lose 15 pounds. However, I was 25 pounds lighter after a diet 4 years ago. I am a yo-yo when it comes to weight. You’ve added to my motivation!

    p.s. I had apple pie today. But that was before I saw this 25 pound challenge 🙂

  4. Kristen

    Corey!! You’re amazing!! You know your family loves you with or without that 25lbs… but I applaud you, and you motivate us all. Hugs!

  5. Liam

    Oh my God!…..When did you become a fatty……I live with you and was not aware of it…..Well…..I guess I will have to do the same…..except……..you might have to show a picture of 5 gallons of milk for me……Go get um…..I will do my best to keep you focused!

  6. Corey

    Jeanette – I’d love to get a 25 pound butter sculpture, now that would be cool…then I could melt it on camera…or just smother myself with it.

    Bill – it’s not that we can’t have pie…we just can’t have pie and cake and appetizers and our meal and sides and ….

    Kristen – I truly am loved. And it’s a wonderful feeling.

    Liam – Let’s do this! We’ll be Hotties again 😉

  7. Kat

    Hey Corey, remember my infamous “lettuce sandwich diet” from my “displaced worker” days? I promise you’ll be lighter in no time at all – and gain a few dollars in your pocket as a result…

    Good luck to both you hotties 😉

  8. Russ


    For continued consulting work with the College, certain weight restrictions apply. I, of course, am exempt from them because I am an employee. We have reduced the amount of your contract for services accordingly. However, for every pound lost, I will restore $480 to your consulting fee until you have recouped the full amount. The college nurse will have to verify your weight loss for this to happen. I need to inform you that if you gain weight during this process, you will need to pay the college to continue working for it as a consultant.

    Wishing you luck!

  9. Corey

    Kat – I remember the lettuce sandwiches…let’s keep that as a last resort.

    Russ – Ha! If THAT isn’t motivation I don’t know what is – it’s like a pledge-a-thon…except I’m doing twice as much work 😉

  10. Susan

    Corey Corey Corey. You guyz (u and leon) need to take up cooking as a creative hobby – I’d think you’d both love it. Thanks for sharing, entertaining and inspiring! I’ll be checking in.

  11. Hey Corey. Count me in! I’ll help you buddy. Just send me all the cookies and chips from your house. I’m surprised you didn’t get arrested doing this! Maybe you should try harder – I hear the food in jail is just terrible! Your buddy Gail from http://www.TravelWows.com

  12. Jennifer

    You are so inspiring! I want to know what you’re doing to lose the weight – is it Weight Watchers, portion control, etc? I’m needing to shed my quit-smoking pounds (since it’s been TWO YEARS since I quit and gained them!).

  13. Corey

    Right now it’s portion control…I eat more often, but a lot smaller amounts. Also cut out compusive eating of bad foods…ice cream, Zagnut bars, cowboy cookies, chocolate. Now, I make plans for when I’ll eat those foods…gives me something to look forward to.

    But the biggest motivator. I’ve involved all my wonderful and supportive friends in the process. I was sick of trying to hide my extra pounds…now, I have a new attitude, “take a good look at this weight, because pretty soon it won’t be there.”

    I already believe I will be trim and healthy very soon. I no longer say “I’ll start tomorrow…” because I never do.

    BTW – Congrats on quitting the smoking habit! Your body thanks you for it…and you smell fresher too.

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